Omega Residencia Developers and Owners:

It is a project of Omega Villas Private Limited, a well-known developer with a long list of successful projects under their belt. Former President Mamnoon Hussain presented the developer with an award for this property. They provide a better way of life at an affordable price to everyone who wishes to raise their kids in a calm atmosphere.

Omega Residencia Location:

The Omega Residencia Lahore is near the Faizpur Interchange on Lahore's Main Sharaqpur Road. Since Omega Residencia Housing Scheme Lahore is only 15 to 20 minutes away from all government and commercial centres of main Lahore, its location is an excellent benefit for us. Several educational institutions are within walking distance.

Omega Residencia Location

Omega Residencia Plot Sizes:

It is constructed on 1600 kanal of land that is split into four sectors: A, B, C, and D. Commercial and residential sites are separated into several sizes. Plot sizes include 3 marlas, 5 marlas, 7 marlas, 10 marlas, and 1 kanal. Commercial plots are available in sizes 3.11 marla, 4 marla, and 5.33 marla. The majority of society's plots have been sold. However, there are just a few more options. The roadways in the Omega Residencia Lahore plan are carpeted and range in width from 30 to 50 feet.

Omega Residencia Lahore Payment plan and Instalments:

Typically, housing schemes establish their rate sales at a high level since they provide many amenities; nevertheless, at Omega Residencia Housing Scheme Lahore, they control their payment plan with maximum customer relaxation. They maintain the quality of their projects while providing all facilities to their customers at the most affordable cost. Omega Homes Lahore allows you to pay in instalments to have more comfort. You may pick your payment plan at Omega Residencia Lahore based on your earning salary. The Omega Residencia Lahore Payment Plan offers a one-year, three-year, four-year, and five-year plot payment plan. The Omega Residencia Lahore sector D Price List/ Payment Plan.

  • PKR 10,50,000 for 3 Marla Price
  • PKR 14,00,000 for 4 Marla Price
  • PKR 17,50,000 for a 5 marla house
  • PKR 28,00,000 for 8 Marla Price
  • Pkr 35,00,000 for 10 marlas

It is an appealing housing concept with a large number of sophisticated facilities and built-in residences that are all ready to live in and presented in a magnificent manner Omega Homes is happy to help their customers with built in 3 Marla residential homes. Every house is created in a modern design. These homes were developed on broad roads by Omega Residencia Lahore.

Omega Residencia Location

Having a home in Lahore is a privilege because it is Pakistan's second most populous city. The only issue that every person faces is a lack of funds and a desire to fulfil all of one's desires. Another issue, particularly in Lahore, is owning a property in the greatest location. Is there any way for a low-income individual to acquire a home in Lahore? Yes, Omega Residencia Lahore is the reason, and the reason is Omega Residencia Housing Scheme. Lahore offers you the finest opportunity to purchase a single or double storey property in instalments. These 3 Marla houses are built on spacious and carpeted roadways with an instalment plan by Omega Residencia Lahore. Each property is available for purchase on a five-year payment plan. There are no such possibilities for those with average salary in Lahore. Omega Homes Lahore is offering over 100 houses on instalments, and construction has begun. Don't be late; Omega Homes is ready to welcome you. In only RS/17,750 monthly payments, Omega Homes provides 3 Marla Double Storey and 3 Marla Portion Homes. It provides a better living experience in this modern day by providing chances for individuals who are unable to make full payments on their houses.